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Was ist eigentlich eine Wechselbrücke?

Aktualisiert: 2. Jan.

The swap body is a term from goods logistics and is an interchangeable load carrier that can be separated from its carrier vehicle or trailer.

But why is the swap body an advantage for Tiny House buyers?

The swap body enables fast and uncomplicated loading and parking of the Tiny House on safe ground. With conventional Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOW), the trailer is an integral part and thus ties up additional capital. This requires a TÜV test and may need to be serviced after long periods of non-use. In our vagabundo flex and mini series, we install a C745 swap body frame as standard.

Schnelles Verladen ist mithilfe der Wechselbrücke kein Problem
The tiny house is loaded quickly and safely with the swap body

Upon delivery, the vagabundo Tiny House is loaded directly onto a truck or onto a swap body, a special truck trailer for swap bodies. The swap body is attached to the chassis using four pins (twistlocks). Alternatively, the house can also be loaded onto a goods wagon or a barge. The swap body is therefore ideally suited for combined transport and enables emission savings compared to all other types of transport.

At the destination, the Tiny House stands on its own four support legs within a few hours

No special permits are required for transport to the destination, as our vagabundo flex and mini models do not exceed the maximum dimensions of 4m in height and 2.55m in width. In the case of large-volume transports, longer waiting times from the application for the permit to the granting of the permit cannot be ruled out. Such a special transport is often associated with higher transport costs and storage costs, since in addition to the fees to be paid, costs for a cargo crane can also be incurred.

Über den Reifen des Anhängers sieht man eines der vier Stützbeine
One of the four folded support legs can be seen above the trailer's tires

Upon delivery, the truck drives the vagabundo Tiny House onto the property, the support legs of the swap body are unfolded and the twistlocks are unlocked. The supporting chassis is lowered via a pneumatic system and the vagabundo Tiny House stands on its own two feet. If the soil is good enough, you don't even need a concrete or screw foundation.

A freight crane can help with properties that are difficult to access and your vagabundo can also be parked at ground level (without support legs).

vagabundo flex steht hier auf den Stützbeinen der Wechselbrücke, welche mit der Terrasse verblendet wird
vagabundo flex stands here on the support legs of the swap body

And even the animal and plant world will thank you, because the floor is not completely sealed and you can live in harmony with nature.

We at vagabundo see the swap body system as the ideal basis for our tiny houses, the advantages of which clearly outweigh them. If you have any questions, feel free to email us, subscribe to our newsletter, or simply add a comment in the discussion below.

Luca, Michi & Andi

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