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Frequently Asked Questions

Häufige Fragen

  • How much does a tiny house cost?
    The price depends on the selected variant, expansion level and individual customer requirements. We would be happy to create an individual offer for you, simply use our contact form.
  • Benötige ich eine Baugenehmigung?
    In Deutschland benötigst Du eine Baugenehmigung für ein Vagabundo Modul- oder Tiny House. Für einen begrenzten Zeitraum von beispielsweise 5 bis 10 Jahren gibt es auch die Möglichkeit einer “befristeten Baugenehmigung”. Gerne unterstützen wir Dich bei Deinem Bauantrag in Deutschland.
  • How do I find a suitable plot of land and where can I find out about the provisions regarding the locally applicable building law?
    Here you have to differentiate between outdoor and indoor areas. The outdoor area includes, for example, agricultural areas. The interior is located within a village and is mostly designated building land. To live in a tiny house, however, you need developed building land. Before doing so, however, you should find out about the current regulations from the respective municipality.
  • Can I also use the Tiny House as a company?
    There are also a variety of options for companies to use, e.g. as a chalet for a hotel complex, as a flexible office building, as a mobile exhibition stand and much more. The following always applies: the vagabundo Tiny House attracts attention and arouses great interest in the viewer.
  • For which target group are the Tiny Houses from vagabundo designed?
    Our Tiny Houses are designed for everyone in every life situation - flexibility is the keyword here​. The environmentally conscious student who would like to live in the same house for both the bachelor's degree in Munich and the master's degree in Hamburg. The young couple who found a cheap property outside of town and don't want to commit themselves. The small family that is in the process of house planning and not up towould like to end up in debt. The big family that has a tiny house for the parents and one for the childrenwant to put on the property. Mom and dad want to move closer to the mountains for retirement,and their previous house is too big. Guests now have their own tiny house in the garden. A tiny house as a holiday home.
  • What distinguishes vagabundo from other tiny houses?
    Despite its small size, the vagabundo Tiny House is in no way inferior to an ordinary house. We achieve its high quality and durability by exceeding the weight limit of 3.5 tons, but it can only be towed by a truck or tractor. In order to be able to guarantee optimal transport, we install a swap body with which our Tiny House can either be parked directly on its trailer or on the supports of the swap body. In addition, we are the only company that offers two full floors. Our integrated lifting system allows the first floor to be raised on site while still being easy to transport.
  • Erfüllen Vagabundo Modul- oder Tiny Houses die GEG 2023 Anforderungen?
    Seit 01.01.2023 dürfen in Deutschland nur noch Häuser nach GEG 2023 (Gebäude-Energie-Gesetz 2023) gebaut werden, alle unsere Vagabundo Modul- und Tiny Houses erfüllen das GEG 2024.
  • Welche Dämmstoffe werden verbaut?
    Unsere Modul- und Tiny Houses werden mit nachhaltigem Dämm-Material isoliert. Aktuell verwenden wir nachhaltige Holzfaserdämmplatten, ein hervorragender Dämmstoff, der sowohl Feuchtigkeit aufnehmen als auch abgeben kann und somit auch nahezu resistent gegen Schimmel ist. Auf Anfrage verbauen wir gerne auch anderes Dämm-Material wie z.B. Schafwolle oder recyceltes PET-Material.
  • What are the uses for a vagabundo Tiny House?
    The tiny houses from vagabundo are available in different floor plans and are suitable for various projects: as a home, second home, holiday apartment, office or exhibition stand.
  • Can the Tiny House also be occupied in winter?
    The vagabundo Tiny House has smart underfloor heating and is adequately insulated with sustainable wood fiber, so that it can be lived in all year round.
  • How many people can live in a tiny house?
    Our vagabundo flex is designed for two people, with two additional sleeping options for guests in the basement. vagabundo mini is our minimalist house and also offers space for two people. It is suitable as a residential building as well as a holiday home or guest house.
  • Wie erfahre ich, ob ich einen Vagabundo auf meinem Grundstück aufstellen darf?
    Als ersten Schritt solltest du das zuständige Bauamt kontaktieren und alle nötigen Informationen zum Vagabundo Modul- oder Tiny House zukommen lassen. Diese schicken wir dir auf Anfrage gerne zu. Schreibe uns hierzu einfach eine Email an
  • I am interested in a vagabundo Tiny House. What is the next step?
    In the first meeting we would like to find out more about you and your project. We will then create an individual offer for you and take care of the approval process. You can easily book your free initial consultation on our website.
  • Wie hoch fallen die Transportkosten aus?
    Die Kosten für die Mini und Flex Modelle sind wesentlich günstiger als die der Comfort Modelle, da sie ganz einfach ohne Kran auf der Wechselbrücke transportiert werden können. Für eine Strecke von 500km kann der Transport vom den Mini oder Flex Modellen etwa 1500-2000€ inkl. MwSt. kosten. Der Transport der Comfort Modelle kostet aufgrund der Überbreite von 3,50m deutlich mehr (x4), da hierbei ein Begleitfahrzeug nötig ist, der Transport auf einem Tieflader erfolgt und man beim Be- und Entladen einen Kran benötigt. Die Preise haben wir aus aktuellen Angeboten entnommen und können sich in der Zwischenzeit schon relativiert haben, daher muss man hier immer individuelle Angebote anfragen.
  • Can I contribute my own contribution to the expansion?
    Yes you can! Our basic equipment includes the basic structure, the electrical and water installation, underfloor heating and the bathroom. With the Plus and Premium packages, you can book your kitchen and other furniture and special equipment. In the end you decide on your individual Tiny House.
  • What should I clarify before I decide to live in a tiny house?"
    The core question is probably the following: What does a person need to be happy? Am I ready for such a material reduction? On the other hand, you should find out about construction financing, building law and a suitable plot of land.
  • Sind die Modul- und Tiny Houses von Vagabundo baugenehmigungsfähig?
    Ja, selbstverständlich sind das alle Modelle.
  • Kann ich ein Vagabundo Tiny House besichtigen?
    Selbstverständlich. Aktuell haben wir zwei Musterhäuser, eines steht im englischen Garten in München, das andere am Produktionsstandort in Twistetal, Nordhessen. Für eine Besichtigung schreibe uns doch einfach eine Email an die
  • Where are the vagabundo Tiny Houses made?
    We work hand in hand with the Forum Shop and Exhibition Construction company in Hesse. The company has many years of experience in timber construction and handles our orders professionally. All products are Made in Germany.
  • To which countries does vagabundo deliver?
    We deliver to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Other countries on request.
  • Wie wird ein Vagabundo Tiny House geliefert und abgeladen?
    Die Anlieferung erfolgt mittels LKW. Die Mini und Flex Modelle werden mit der Wechselbrücke ganz einfach abgeladen. Die Comfort Modelle werden aufgrund der Überbreite als Großraumtransport angeliefert und dann vor Ort per Kran auf das Grundstück gehoben. Gerne übernehmen wir für dich die Organisation der Logistik.
  • What foundations do I need?
    Thanks to the swap body, the vagabundo Tiny House can easily be parked on a level, compacted surface without a crane. Alternatively, you can place it on screw, strip or point foundations.
  • What kind of vehicle does it take to move the tiny house?"
    All vagabundo Tiny Houses weigh more than 3.5 tons, so you need a truck or tractor. In most cases, however, it is advisable to hire a freight forwarder for the move.
  • How much time does it take to move the tiny house to a new location?
    Our vagabundo Tiny Houses are ready to move within a day. All you have to do is disconnect all shore connections from the house and retract the upper floor. It is advisable to dismantle heavy objects such as stoves and transport them separately.
  • Is the vagabundo Tiny House self-sufficient?
    By default, we do not offer the Vagabundo Tiny House as a self-sufficient house, since the house has to be connected to the existing infrastructure. On request, however, we will be happy to realize your self-sufficient Vagabundo Tiny House for you.
  • What materials do you use and where do they come from?
    We obtain our raw materials from traders in the immediate vicinity of our Twistetal production site. Our wood supplier is certified according to the highest standards in Germany. However, everyone should be aware that even these control systems are limited and, ultimately, wood is not endless, even though it is a renewable resource.
  • What makes life in a tiny house so particularly sustainable?
    Less living space means less resource consumption during production and less energy consumption when living in a tiny house. The raw materials used are predominantly renewable and only a fraction of the floor is sealed. Since our tiny house can weigh over 3.5 tons, we can plan and build it to be as stable and durable as possible. In addition, a tiny house is financially sustainable for you because the investment volume is significantly lower. No matter which house you buy, resources are always consumed. For us, variability is the keyword. This enables the customer to react flexibly to all situations in life and thus use it as long and intensively as possible.

Noch Fragen?

Wir helfen dir gerne dabei eine individuelle Lösung für dein Projekt zu finden. Hierbei unterstützen wir dich von der Finanzierung bis zum Installieren des Modul- oder Tiny Houses. Wir beraten dich herzlichst gerne. Buche dir jetzt einen unverbindlichen Termin bei uns und stell uns ganz entspannt alle deine Fragen.

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